Community Probation Services
With the Community in Mind

Community Probation Services, LLC has provided professional probation services since 1991. Our management team has over 25 years of experience in probation supervision and we take pride in serving our community fairly and ethically. CPS works with the Tennessee Private Probation Council and meets or exceeds the standards set by this board and state statute.

Our probation officers are all fully trained and take annual in-service training which meets or exceeds state standards. By providing our highly educated and experienced staff with the necessary equipment, including our web-based offender tracking program, we give our clients the best quality and most comprehensive probation services available.

CPS offers all of these services with a goal oriented attitude, a flexible program structure for individual counties, and offender tracking across multiple jurisdictions – all of which are a cost free service to the county and community.

• Interlock
• Drug Testing
• Pre-Trial Programs
• Electronic Monitoring
• Probation Supervision
• Jail Overcrowding Relief
• Outside Agency Referrals
• Pre-Trial Bond Supervision
• Ignition Interlock Systems
• Community Service Programs
• Pre-Sentence Investigations
• Web based Offender Tracking
• Alcohol and Drug Assessments
• Delinquent Court Cost Recovery
• Offender Risk/Needs Assessments
• Fine/Cost/Restitution Collection
• Rehabilitative/ Educational Programs

Our Mission

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